Congratulations!  One of your life's most joyous occasions is around the corner.  If you're starting to plan and find that things are getting crazy, hectic, bewildering and tiring -- rest easy with Accent.  We'll make sure that you won't have to spend a second worrying about us.

We are there to record and enhance the unfolding of the day.  We are not pushy, nor are we intrusive.  We work with you and alongside you, but won’t interfere. We’ll take a ton of photos and you’ll love them. We’ll all live happily ever after!  How about that?

In addition, we dress appropriately, which means matching your attire -- from quite formal to more casual.  For example, we once photographed a formal traditional wedding with a sub-reception that required a change into beach attire for reggae beats and limbo dancing.  We're very versatile and easy to get along with!

We’re known for the quality of our work and the fun we have creating it.  Let us know what you like and we’ll be o board with ideas.

You name the place: we can get there.  We are based in Calgary, Alberta and work mainly in the Banff / Calgary corridor. Having said that, we have photographed across the country, into the States and in Europe (France is incredible!) and in the Caribbean as well.  We’ll be happy to follow you anywhere!

How Much?
Expect to budget at least $2000.  We mostly run from there to $20,000.  We also offer small event coverage (not on long weekends, though) starting at $1000.

Have a look at our
Weddings gallery to get an idea about our services for your special day.  Congratulations again, and enjoy!