To tell a tale with a speechless medium is a challenge, but we know how to get your photos talking.  

Our portraiture includes:
  • Children, Couples, Families, Grandparents, Groups and Pets
  • Prenatal, Newborns, Graduations, , Hobbies and Collections
  • Models, Actors, Web and Business Portraits
  • Birthdays, Anniversaries, Reunions and Weddings
  • Possessions (horses, boats, cars and cottages)
To start building the storyline, we visit with you (by phone or in person) to get a sense of direction.  Your needs and goals are outlined and we then plan out the session.  Our “team” includes you because it’s always a personal project.

Your home or ours; outdoors or out of country.  Your choice, our pleasure! 
There’s nothing quite as exciting as creating a unique portrait for a special occasion in a foreign country...  

How Much?

This depends, really, but plan to spend $200 to get started and we can go from there.  To get an idea, a session with a wall portrait usually means $500 and up.  We customize every project and can find a solution for your budget.

Contact us to find out more, and have a look at our Portraits gallery to get some inspiration.