Accent is 30 Something and Forever Young 

Accent Photography Ltd. began its life in a strip mall in southwest Calgary, AB, Canada in 1979.  Providing high-quality, creative portraiture of families and children for wall decor and gifts, we slowly extended our skills to reach a wider audience.  And as demand from clients overlapped other photographic fields, we started creating portraits outside Canada.

In 1989, we bought Old Masters Studio -- a long-standing purveyor of high end portraiture -- as well as Classic Restorations, Calgary’s premier photo retouching and restoration house. In 1999, these two companies were brought under the umbrella of Accent and the three now operate in concert.

In 2009 we celebrated 30 years, making us one of the most experienced studios in Alberta.

Today Accent is a full-service photo studio with extensive services and specializations -- photography, retouching, framing and custom lab facilities.